During the period of operation of “6th floor“ company, received the relevant licenses for 19 codes construction and assembly works by the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Azerbaijan ,such as land works, stone-masonry, metal constructions preparation and construction, finishing works, internal engineering systems and equipment Installation work, implementation of the general contractor function and so on.

“6th floor“ is a construction company with a fully equipped base that can handle all the works volumes with its own strength.



“6th floor“ received the corresponding licenses from the State Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture of the Republic of Azerbaijan for designing 4 codes, including design of architecture, projection of building constructions, designing vertical planning and landscaping, and implementation of main project function.

Due to the efforts and works of our designers, various interiors have been designed and delivered to meet customer requirements.



The company carries out the construction works at the facilities through other production facilities under the company. The mentioned production area is equipped with stone and iron workshops, as well as a textile factory. Here are a wide range of cover and architectural elements made of natural stone and metal for the production of crocheting kits, repair of objects , restoration and construction of the customers' wishes and tastes.

6th floor company has also a door and window shop made from plastic materials. Undoubtedly, all these works are carried out by highly skilled, experienced architects and engineers. The company also supplies exclusive wallpapers, ceramics and plumbing supplies from abroad.

Furnture factory was established under the company, that, this factory supplied with industrial equipments from Europe. There is excellent condition for production of any type furniture set meeting modern requirements.

In Sumgayit, near the Baku city, there is concrete production site of company, that, company supply concrete for all its construction works through it.

Company has enough special tecnique, production facilities, machine mechanism for fully implementation of undertook construction works.